Last year, the European Commission introduced a Green Paper to initiate a comprehensive policy discussion on the challenges and benefits of Europe’s ageing population.

The green paper frames the ageing debate by highlighting the scope and rate of demographic changes in our society, as well as the implications for our policies and the questions we must ask ourselves to address them. This covers a wide range of themes, from encouraging healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning to improving health and care systems to meet the needs of an ageing population.

What is the status of this Green Paper now? What has happened in the past year? Join Charlotte Haentzel, member of the cabinet of the European Commission in a webinar as she gives us an update on the EU Green Paper on Ageing, focusing on Intergenerational solidarity and lifelong learning.

The event will take place on Friday 28th April from 11am to 12pm and will celebrate the 5th day of Global Intergenerational Week 2023.

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Find out more about the EU Green Paper on Ageing here.

You can also download DCU submission to the Paper here: DCU Submission Green Paper on Ageing April 2021