Global Intergenerational Week 2022

Beyond the Number: Exploring Age-Related Bias in Finance and Insurance

“Insurance and lending are based on risks factors and likelihood, but the likelihood is: anything could happen to anyone at any given time at any age. So, we need to look at situations on a more personal level, case by case basis”.

Here is a sneak peek of today’s discussion “Beyond the Number: Exploring Age-Related Bias in Finance and Insurance “, during which we talked about ageism in financial services and different kind of insurances.

Participants were actively involved, and their experiences completed the knowledge and expertise of our panellists which gave the event a great additional value. All agreed that further actions should be taken to stop those inequalities so that the following generations don’t face the same challenges.

We would like to thank again our panellists Niamh Kavanagh, Pat Fitzgerald and Dr. Caroline McGroary, as well as Mairead Hayes for facilitating the event.

Listening to everybody was truly captivating and we are grateful to all participants for their input.

Find out more about the next days here.

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