Global Intergenerational Week 2022

Intergenerational Music Project 2018

This project that was carried out in 2018 was highly successful and showcased great intergenerational activities.

DCU Age Friendly participants took part in an intergenerational music research project with Dr. Gary Sinclair for the DCU Business School and students from St. Aidans Secondary School and Maryfield College, Glasnevin.

The group met once a week over five weeks during the course of the research.  This intergenerational study focussed on how teenagers and older adults use music to manage change during distinct transitional periods of their lives. The workshop was structured around their experiences of music and the age group went from 14 to 74 and everyone got along great, socialising and meeting new people.

Music brings together people of all ages from many different backgrounds, and is truly intergenerational.

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